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KITEStep, in line with KITE Projects reputation for service, innovation and quality, has designed and created a bespoke staircase solution. This provides safe access for engineers working on embankments i.e. alongside railway lines and highways.


Having worked with some of the largest transport agencies in the UK including Network Rail and Highways England, we know that unstable, semi-permanent, one-size-fits-all embankment staircases do not deliver the quality standards required.


KITEStep solves this by supplying embankment staircases that are tailored to your project scenarios, and

are permanent, strong and can be delivered in a timely, cost effective manner.

Advantages of the KITEStep solution

Minimal bank preparation required

Minimal bank preparation required

The modular structure is suspended on posts above the ground. It can be installed over existing concrete steps by bolting post mounted flange plates to existing concrete.

Permanent, strong solution

Permanent, stong embankment access

The structural elements and the connections between them work together to form a tried and tested, durable solution with a 40 year design life.

Reduced weight

The parts that make up the steps will be within a two man lift for manual handling purposes – concrete / masonry steps require much heavier materials.

Low load

Low load

The overall mass placed on the bank in our modular approach is significantly less than its masonry/concrete equivalent and requiring less ground engineering.

Fast & easy installation

Fast and easy installation

The installation time is significantly less than traditional methods and it is ready for use immediately. This reduces shift time and the associated costs of labour and equipment etc.

Slip-resistant steps

Slip-resistant steps

The steps are open gratings so there is minimal retention of slippery leaf mould and water that could become icy.

Engineering compliance

Engineering compliance

The product can be tested for engineering compliance before installation by calculation if required.

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