About Us

Safety, integrity and expert support are at the heart of our service. The single objective of KITEStep is to create safe, permanent embankment access with the least amount of impact on it's surroundings.

To fulfill this objective the team at KITEStep will arrange a topographical survey, site-specific design and engineering appraisal documents to client approval. This will include compliance to loadings, corrosion resistance, slip resistance and other stipulations as required.

KITEStep is designed for demanding infrastructure environments, where there is a responsible attitude to keeping operatives safe, whilst working on the maintenance of vital infrastructure network. KITEStep is the right solution for railway, highway, aviation, defence, power-generation, oil & gas and marine & coastal sites – anywhere that calls for a resilient adaptable access system in a demanding environment.


The genius of KITEStep becomes more apparent at the point of installation, where it will have been engineered to minimise excavation and site preparation.


This has a number of significant benefits:

  • Reduced environmental impact on habitats.

  • Enhanced safety practices at point of installation.

  • Site time minimised, reducing installation cost.

  • Long term safe access for future users.

Feature of the KITEStep team - Honesty


Feature of the KITEStep team - Safety


Feature of the KITEStep team - Knowledge Of Regulatory Compliance


Feature of the KITEStep team - Experience In Engineering


KITEStep in numbers


reduction in 'muck-away'


labour time-saving compared to masonry/concrete equivalent

2 men lift

max weight of a single component

25 years+

service life thanks to galvanising*


of the materials used are recyclable

* Dependent on geographical location