Accessibility Statement


KITEStep is committed to making accessible to all users, including customers with access needs, and we're continually working to improve it. This statement explains the accessibility features we have implemented to help you use our website.


Our long-term goal is to be able to conform to a level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

We've designed this site with accessibility in mind. Some of the general features include:

  1. the use of clear, simple language which is easy to understand;

  2. the use of common web conventions;

  3. avoiding the use of blinking or flickering elements

Our site is built using [HTML5] and displays correctly in current browsers. Using standards compliant with [HTML/CSS] coding means any future browsers will also display it correctly.

If you experience any difficulty in accessing, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Modern browsers can magnify websites instantly, keeping the design intact but assisting legibility for visually-impaired users. This feature is supported on the following web browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+

Mozilla Firefox 82+

Apple Safari 5+

Google Chrome 8+


Background and foreground colours have been chosen to provide a high degree of contrast to maximise visibility. We've checked our website's font and background colour to ensure there are no combinations against the different colour blindness conditions and ensured that all information is still clear. 


We've designed all pages on our website so that all information that is conveyed with colour is also available without colour. These colours are controlled within the cascading style sheets, which may be overridden by altering the user's browser settings.

Images, videos and other non-text elements

We've made it possible to use our website without having to view graphics or images. All non-text elements, such as images, animations, symbols, audio, video and multimedia have text equivalents. We've done this by providing descriptive alt attributes for them

Tabbed Content

Some areas of our site now use tabbed containers to allow you to select the information you want to read and stop the page from looking overcrowded. All the available content is read out by screen readers when the page is loaded.

Links and Navigation

We have placed page items in a logical order and made the website easy to navigate.


We try to ensure that any forms on our website are completed and coded correctly, so that assistive technologies can read out the content in a logical and appropriate way.

Adobe PDF files

Some additional information is available on our website in the form of Adobe PDF files. Clicking on a link to these files will open a new browser window. We're working to ensure that the most important documents are fully accessible.


For more information about reading these files with assistive technology, please visit Alternatively you can use Adobe's online tools to convert PDF files to HTML. 

KITEStep Disclaimer

KITE Projects takes no responsibility whatsoever for the suitability of this document and provides no warranties as to the applicability, relevance, function or use of this document, whether express, implied or statutory, including without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose. This document is provided for your private use only and does not constitute legal advice from qualified lawyers. We cannot guarantee that this document is correct, current or up-to-date, nor suitable for every situation. This document is a template reasonably fit for use by you as a starting point for the preparation of a website accessibility statement. Any documents or information supplied by us are not a substitute for legal advice from a suitably qualified lawyer.