Creating a safer work environment on our network

It has been proven that a safer working environment leads to a greater safety thinking. It also leads to better performances and higher productivity levels. As Network Rail rightly say in the below statement:

‘Unsafe working also impacts performance, both personally and for the whole of Network Rail. Outstanding safety performance means getting it right first time, fewer stoppages and delays, better operational performance, and better productivity. It benefits you, your work colleagues, and Network Rail.’

Obviously, everyone has different working environments, wherever you work whether it be working at a desk or out driving doing sales calls or out on the rail track. Our ultimate goal should be to have the safest working environment. Below are a few tips to help ensure that your employees or your own working environment is safe. 

  1. Make safety a priority for leadership.                                                                                                                                          Start with the basics all work environments should be clean, tidy, hazard and risk free.

  2. Conduct workplace safety assessments.                                                                                                                                          It is important to take these assessments because without these you don’t know where any potential risks maybe, it also helps to ensure your work environment is kept at the highest of safety standards.

  3. Ensure all employees are given appropriate safety training.                                                                                                        This would also include the correct PPE for the various environments that your employees may work in. 

  4. Allocate a budget to workplace health and safety.                                                                                                                      This should be allocated to funds for any future improvements, this could include things like paying for risk assessments or safety audits etc.

Creating a safer work environment should be thorough and viewed as important. Yes, it costs money to maintain and keep a work environment safe, but you can NOT put a price on yours or anyone else’s safety. Have a look at the below advantages of striving towards a safer working environment for everyone:

  • reduced costs.

  • reduced risks.

  • lower employee absence and turnover rates.

  • fewer accidents.

  • lessened threat of legal action.

  • improved standing among suppliers and partners.

  • better reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers and communities.

  • increased productivity because employees are healthier, happier and better motivated.