Five steps closer to track worker safety


Did you know that over 1 million injuries occur each year from falling down stairs? 12,000 of these are stairway accident deaths. These statistics are a reminder that using even the simplest of staircases can be dangerous. Think about it, you fall down the stairs you’re taking ALL your weight with you, not to mention the fact that any tools or equipment you may be carrying falling down with on the way. This can cause broken limbs very easily. So, what does this mean to the average person? This data reveals that falls down steps, staircases etc are a very real problem in the working environment.


To look at it from a track workers point of view, what might cause someone to fall or injure themselves whilst using step/stairs?


  • Organic debris on the Stairs and Steps, this includes things like overgrowth, leaves stones or rocks ice. This can be especially dangerous in all weather conditions spring Summer Autumn and Winter, especially when it is wet as this causes the surface area of the stairs/steps to be slippery. KITEStep: Open mesh GRP grating prevents the build up of debris and minimises the danger in freezing conditions.


  • Loose, Missing or Damaged Steps, pose a Danger to the workforce. KITEStep: is a Solution to preventing this from the time KITEStep is installed providing peace of mind wherever it is installed.


  • Missing or damaged handrails. Handrails provide added stability and Safety, especially for the workforce carrying Tools and Equipment. If there are no handrails, or if they are not sufficiently secured, there is opportunity for added risk of Slips Trips and Falls. KITEStep: The engineering compliance in the handrail, walking surfaces and stair configuration keeps workers safe.


  • Slippery Stairs and Steps. Property/Asset Management should keep both Internal and External Stairs and Steps clear of Snow and Ice too. ALL Stairs and Steps should be made of Slip Resistant materials. KITEStep: Open mesh stair treads with slip resistant ‘octopus’ nosing.


  • If you are working on a night shift and there is poor lighting or no lighting. This can cause falls/trips and slips because you can’t see where you are going safely, you can’t see if there are missing or broken Steps either. KITEStep: The structure can be used to support proprietary lighting solutions, which makes night work easier and safer, however we are still researching this but if you have any suggestions drop us a line using or  or feel free to call us on 01962 886290



So how does KITEStep fit in with this? Go back and take a look at what we put in orange and blue.


As Network Rail rightly say ‘Improved trackside access points means quicker responses to railway faults’ Meaning both the workforce and the general public are kept safe.