Geotechnical ground screw


Many of you would be familiar with the standard concrete KITEStep foundation. But there is now the new geotechnical ground screw system engineered for the load bearing of embankment staircase systems (GRP staircases and galvanised steel staircases). This overcomes multiple safety challenges of working on embankments. See below for a sneak preview of this system. 


These geotechnical ground screws enable you to have a safe and solid foundation for your embankment staircases be it galvanised steel or GRP not only that, but these eliminate having to use concrete making it more environmentally friendly. 

What are the benefits of using geotechnical ground screws?

-    Extremely stable.
-    Quick and easy to install.
-    No heavy machinery needed for installation.
-    Suitable for most types of soil structures.
-    Not weather dependent for installation.

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