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In safer hands with KITE


What does ‘in safer hands with KITE’ mean?   Well, it means that we think about the safety of our workforce people who have families, relationships and responsibilities that they must honour and return to when they have finished their day’s work, so we seek to remove hazards from their daily occupation. We aim to do this by giving them a safe access up and down embankments, along embankments, over voids and ditches. KITE aims to portray our thought leadership with our ‘Journey to work’ concept as leaders in walkway and step safety. 

KITE is more than just a product supplier and a solution provider, we care about the safety of our workforce ‘Hold your hand’ and keep you safe whilst carrying out your daily tasks, whether it be working beside the road, working on track, or even if you are helping to keep the public safe with handrails along a public footpath down on the coastal front such as: 

Studies show that a safer working environment contributes to a better safety psychology. It also leads to better performance rates and higher productivity levels no matter what kind of job you have and the environment around you. If it is safe you will work with a safer mindset, do things properly and to the correct standards. If it is unsafe your mindset tends to lean towards poor standards and productivity levels begin to drop and team culture is disorientated. Investing in hazard free environments is a positive gain for both asset owners and site operations alike and will ultimately contribute to better services for the public. KITE strives to increase the safety of the working environments for every workforce.

By choosing KITE you are already one Step closer to a safe working environment. (Excuse the trust). KITE to ‘hold your hand’ and lead you in the direction safety and help create a safer environment for all. 

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