KITE'S M6 Toll story


As we all know working on the road or beside the road is a dangerous job and there will always be hazards that can’t be avoided. This is a particular challenge MWay Comms had when they came to plan their schedule of works for the M6 Toll upgrade. The roadside workers need access to the road to be able to carry out the upgrades to the M6 Toll. As a result of being at the National Highways exhibition 2021, we are now able to improve the safety of the roadside workers that are working tirelessly to upgrade the M6 Toll. This will improve our travel experience by reducing our travel time and making the journey simpler without having to stop and queue to pay. By installing KITEStep, this will reduce the time road workers are exposed to roadside risks and better access systems will positively influence the safety psychology of future roadside maintenance staff.


KITEStep is manufactured off-site for ease of installation and requires minimal excavation which will contribute to programme savings. Built from 80% recycled steel, the product supports environmental objectives in highway construction.  KITEStep also provides a design life guarantee of 40+ years on our bespoke KITEStep solutions which provides a long-lasting investment for any project. This is something that particularly interested the M6 Toll, as this contrasts to the design life of wooden or concrete step solutions that may need replacing as little as 5 years after installation. KITEStep also has a low maintenance design meaning that maintenance roadworks will be cut down helping to reduce the disruptions in journey times, as we all hate sitting in roadwork traffic! KITEStep have assisted M6 Toll in its long-term vision to boost innovation in the highways sector we have also helped to enhance the reputation of M6 Toll as the ‘better way around’ in the future.


We are exhibiting at the National Highways exhibition so Come to our stand to discover how KITEStep was chosen to enhance the roadside installation of technology on a recent project where reducing the use of concrete and saving time is a priority and to discover more of our story with the M6 Toll.