Lighting the way on steps

How does lighting on steps at access points link to track workers safety and morale? Network Rail have proved that enhanced working conditions lead to a better safety culture when working alongside track. 

We all hate it when we get stuck in traffic, be it travelling for work or leisure, well the same happens to our track workers on the night shifts or early morning especially in the winter. It is a hold up for them on their journey to work. With better access to track means boosted Safety and morale making the Network Rails workforce a ‘Safer Journey to their place of work’.

Who likes working on night shifts and having zero light? There are over 18000 Network Rail approved Access points and only a small percentage of these are well lit. Why is it important to have well-lit access points? Try driving your car in the dark with no lights on, in fact NO don’t try it, it’s NOT Safe, the answer is very simple really, without light on access points it prevents the track workers getting to the track safely and efficiently. Some people could argue and say well what about using headtorches or handheld torches? A Headtorch is better than nothing but to have nothing is NOT Safe. We have spoken to Network Rail about this, and they have said that they do wear Headtorches but it’s a bit dazzling when they turn to talk to each other, the other issue they find is that when wearing a headtorch it’s not as easy as having stationary lighting on the Steps lighting the way/route to walk. 

We are thinking about it … but are you thinking about it?  To have them or forget it…