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Meet the team

Meet Mitchell Holmes; as Head of Production you will often find him in the yard coffee in hand. He makes sure everything is running smoothly by lending a hand with the building KITEStep’s and KITE Clamps, whilst doing all he can to make sure all deliveries arrive as scheduled.


Meet Garth Holmes (aka Gareth); as our lead technical advisor, you will often find him munching a bounty bar and sipping an earl grey tea. Whilst buried in paperwork, going through each of our clients’ jobs offering the best solutions. Alternatively, you may find him on a yard trot, on his phone to one of our customers checking in and making sure everything is running smoothly and seeing if there is anything else we can do to create a safer working environment on their network.  


Meet Cameron Holmes; not only is he one of our technical Sales advisors, he’s also our office comedian. You can always count on Cameron to make our customers and the office team laugh. When he isn’t making people laugh, he is busy estimating the best possible solutions which helps our customers to create a safer working environment on their network.


Meet Owen Holmes; he our new technical sales advisor and when he isn’t strolling round the office drinking water from his KITEStep water bottle. He works alongside Garth and Cam, making sure our customers are offered the best possible solutions. He also looks after the day-to-day sales ensuring we meet our targets.


Meet Murray Godden; as our brand ambassador he spends 90% of time awake catching up with existing customers and meeting potential customers, seeing how we can help make their working environment safer. He will often be found on the road with a sugary black coffee by his side. When he is not on the road, he will be found in a quiet corner of the office with the air con below 16 degrees humming and tapping his feet, whilst completing follow ups and arranging new site visits.


Meet Rebecca Ford (aka Berecka); when she isn’t munching on red grapes or dried mango or sipping tea out of her vase, she looks after the marketing department, busy making sure KITE gets plenty of online attraction and updating our customer records and organises exhibitions and shows. She has also been given first place on the podium for the chief happiness ambassador. She also regularly ensures Stewart and Claire are motivated and well stocked with their teas/coffees.


Meet Claire Holmes (aka Admin); As our purchaser and sales assistant, she is always busy in her quiet little corner and you can always count on Claire to fill the cupboards with random treats. When she isn’t online shopping for these treats, she is busy working on profit reports, sending out purchase orders, sorting out compliance and updating the KITEStep and general Projects tracker.


Meet Stewart Gardner; as our accountant he is always busy making sure all the bills and invoices get paid on time. In between sips of tea and nibbles of chocolate orange biscuits, you will find him on his lunch break fixing sleepers in the yard or teaching the office staff how to fly paper aeroplanes.


Meet Paul Hobbs; as our Warehouse manager and stock controller, he is always busy maintaining stock levels, loading our KITEStep’s onto lorries and booking shipments onto couriers. When he isn’t busy in the yard, he is updating the team with his knowledge and opinions about cars.


Meet Kevin Johnson; as our newest team member he has recently joined the team at KITE Projects as our driver and warehouse assistant. He makes sure our customers get their goods as and when they need them with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.


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