Refuge areas on highways

Are refuge areas on the Smart Motorways really as SAFE as people say? Some statistics say that Smart Motorways are safer than any other motorway. The question is are they really?

There is an overriding concern that Smart Motorways are not as SAFE as the older designs of motorways. Is this because of a few things, one being that the Emergency refuge areas are much further apart they can be as far apart as 1.5 miles, this can mean that some drivers that break down would be forced to stop in a running lane as the refuge area is too far away. This means that the constant use of the hard shoulder makes it more difficult for any Emergency Service Vehicles to get through the traffic in emergencies. It can also make traffic more erratic meaning that the risk of accidents is higher as traffic volume increases.


KITEStep being KITEStep came up with an idea to help anyone that have been stranded on the side of the motorway keep safe and out of the way of traffic flow. Have a look at our possible solution to this challenge on the KITEStep Refuge page.

KITEStep Refuge