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Safer access to track


Did you know that across England and Wales there are over 20,000 miles of track?

On these 20,000 miles of track there are 18,000 approved access-points. Out of the 18,000 the Safety Task Force has identified over 4000 access-points that need improving across the Country. With the help of KITESTEP, they hope that all access-points will be improved across the Rail Network and create a Safer-Journey-to-and from-Work.


Network Rail has 7, 500 fleet vehicles. With this many vehicles, track and off-track workers operating these vehicles helping to maintain the track, it is imperative for these workers to have a good access to their place-of-work in order to keep the Trains running smoothly and keep everyone from the track workers to train drivers to the general public Safe.

So how does this link with good access to track? Well, with good access to the track it means that our track workers can get onto the track Safely and remove any obstacles or debris that maybe blocking the track. Good access to the track also enables our track workers to be able to safely carry out any damage repairs to the track or any maintenance or checks to any overhead equipment or points etc. Good access to track also enhances the safety of the track workers meaning they can get down or up to the track safely without the risk of injury. With safer working environments comes a safer thought process. standing at a train station and hearing that your train is delayed or seeing it on the screen is annoying, but with helping to provide safer access to track we can help reduce the disruptions and reduce the track closures and delays.


So, the question is do you think you could have better access to track? If your answer is yes, why not get in touch? We would be more than happy to come and scope your access points that need improving and offer you a safer compliant solution.

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