What are access points and why are they important?

What are access points and why are they important? Access points help our track workers reach the track in a safe and effective manner. Under the health and safety legislation Network Rail have an obligation to make sure their staff get to work safely and home again safely. Keith Gibbs from Network Rail says, “access points are critical, its not just at the worksite but it is how we get to and from work.” The safety task force has identified over 4000 access points that need improving across the country. With KITE’s help, we hope that all access points will be improved across the network and create a safer journey to and from work.

Although the number of tragedies across the rail industry whilst working on track are decreasing and have decreased, however in the last three years there has been several fatalities and near misses. Increasing track worker safety is one of KITE’s ultimate goals is helping to create a safer working environment for our track workers across the network.

See where our journey to work stops when we walk through the doors to our office, it is completely different for our track workers at that point they are only half-way to work, they still have to get down or up to the track. Safer access points and having good access to track can affect many areas on the network and anyone that works on the railway deserves to be kept safe whilst on the job. Good access to the track also enables our track workers to be able to safely carry out any damage repairs to the track or any maintenance or checks to any overhead equipment etc. This then can result in less disruption meaning that there will potentially be less track closures and delays.