What is your first choice of material when it comes to embankment steps?

Here are some different materials of steps that you may come across when working on track, which material would you go for and why?



  • Very labour intensive.

  • Embankment grading required.

  • Installation is weather dependent.

  • Zero drainage for water which means in icy weather these will be very slippery.

  • 0% recyclable

  • 50 Year design life



  • Light weight

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable

  • 40 Year design life

  • 3rd Rail and overhead line compatible

  • Installation is non weather dependent



  • Design life 5 years

  • Guaranteed to rot

  • Non-compliant to BS loading requirements

  • Slippery in wet conditions

  • 0% Recyclable

  • High maintenance



  • Light weight

  • 0% recyclable

  • 10 Years design life

  • Not all designs are suitable for BS standards

  • Impacted by UV light

  • 3rd Rail and overhead line compatible


What was your choice of steps for an embankment? Are you still going to go with your first choice after reading the above?

Wood embankment steps
Wood embankment steps
Steel embankment steps
Steel embankment steps
GRP embankment steps