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Why is keeping hydrated important?

Did you know that Network Rail have installed water fountains/ water machines which allows their workers and the public to fill their water bottles?

At KITE we believe in health, wellness and fitness, we believe that it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day and keep healthy. We believe that everyone should take care of themselves and make sure they are drinking enough to sustain their bodies. Why? You might ask, well, this is simply because we’ve proved the benefit of keeping healthy.

Our bodies are mostly made up of water (nearly two thirds) therefore it is so important to keep hydrated. Water has to be the single most important component of the human body. Hydration is needed for several different things, digestion for our heart and circulation temperature control. Hydration is also needed for our brains to function well.  

So how does keeping hydrated actually help?


Number one: it relieves tiredness

Did you know that fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration? If you feel sluggish and tired halfway through the day, you might not be consuming enough water. Therefore, consuming enough water helps you to stay more awake and alert thereby helping your productivity.


Number two: it improves mood

Not only can consuming more water lessen the chances of fatigue but it can help with your mood and did you know that only water can help with this? If you are drinking an alcoholic drink or a fizzy drink swap that out for some water and you will notice the difference in how you feel.


Number three: improves brain function/productivity

Did you know by not drinking enough you can start to feel unmotivated? By drinking more water throughout the day, it will help you feel motivated and help you focus better which on turn leads to better productivity. This is because our brains thrive when we consume water.


So how does all this link to Network Rail installing water machines at their stations? Well, the answer is WATER BOTTLES … Yes, that is right KITE have purchased a lot of branded colour metal 770ml water bottles that are FREE to our customer base. By doing this we are hoping that this helps to increase wellness, health, productivity, mood and reduces fatigue.


Contact us today to get yours you have the colour option of blue (KITE Projects) or orange (KITEStep)


Network Rail Water Fountain
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